PhD 6: Listening effort characterization during aircraft operations

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About the role

The student will investigate the factors influencing the auditory workload of aircraft pilots. These factors might include relevant aspects of the communications task, the perception of auditory notifications and alerts as well as the general workload imposed by flight operation at that moment. In a second phase, experimental scenarios will be developed that manipulate the auditory workload across a range of conditions, and the sensitivity of various outcome measures sensitive to listening effort during aircraft operation will be assessed. These include neuro- and psycho-physiological measures (e.g., heart activity, respiratory activity, eye movements, and/ or electro-encephalography). In the work performed in the second phase of the project, these new methods will be further developed and validated while assessing the impact of various internal (fatigue, distraction, workload) and external (auditory signal quality, noise hazard) factors on the outcome measures identified.